Finding Peace in Life and Death

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Happy - Now and Always shows us how to discover or re-discover the Peace, Joy and Happiness which Always exists within us all!

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"The Suicide Notes is like a guided tour of our Life – with Philosophy, Spirituality and Quantum Physics each taking their turn as tour guide!"

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Peace and Awareness are often elusive for many people; we habitually live life from a frame of mind with which our Physical Reality (and the interpretations of our “Reality”, saddled upon us by our own conditioning and Ego) is the focal point of our existence.  Even after overcoming this limitation and realizing Awareness, challenges are often presented to us which can pull us from our peaceful, enlightened state of mind.

I discovered, after writing my last book Finding Peace in Life and Death, that Awareness is not something which is “attained”, so then we can move on to the next goal; after realizing Awareness we subsequently must nourish and maintain our harmony with Awareness.  After writing Finding Peace in Life and Death I found many challenges that seemed intent on pulling me from my peaceful sense of unanimity; some were quite successful.  I once wrote “Life is supposed to be easy”, and while I still believe this to be true, I think I need to clarify what exactly that means.  “Life is supposed to be easy”, it does not mean that life should be free of challenges; on the contrary, life ought to be full of challenges, it is the whole basis of evolution!  We don’t grow and evolve by sitting on the couch, getting everything we think we want without any opposition.  We become enlightened by embracing life’s challenges, but not becoming rapt in those challenges.  “Life is supposed to be easy”, means even though challenges come, we do not get caught up in the Conceptual Reality that our Ego perpetuates as the center of our existence; instead we identify with our true Essence, the unity of Being; our connection to each other, along with our connection to the UniverseGod – the Source – whatever name we put on the energy which exists in us, around us, and in all things, everywhere.

Only then can we see all these little challenges, and even the big ones, for what they truly are, opportunities for growth and evolution, rather than allowing our Ego to immerse us in the illusion of Conceptual Reality and lead us toward identifying with the challenges, thus falling away from Awareness.  We need to detach ourselves from the stronghold with which Ego links us to Conceptual Reality – Ego’s version of Reality is not based on truth, it is based on perception – Egoic perceptions which reinforce the strength and sovereignty of Ego itself, along with Ego’s bond to Conceptual Reality, while diminishing our true Essence and our Oneness with the Peace and Awareness of Being.

The Suicide Notes provides perspective and forward momentum, not only to those who may be suicidal at times, but for anyone who seeks to enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilled life.  It also equips those who were left behind by someone they love who committed suicide, with a way to move forward and re-establish their own wellbeing and peace.