Finding Peace in Life and Death

About The Author

Patrick Baxter spent years researching Philosophy, Spirituality, and Physical Science culminating in his book Finding Peace in Life and Death.  His education and work background is in medical laboratory science; he is currently on the faculty at Westervelt College in London, Canada teaching in the Medical Laboratory program.  He is also a graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California.  He has two solo CD’s to his credit, and is the author of the guitar instruction book Rockin’ The Modes.

In January 2000 Patrick Baxter’s first solo CD “Waitin’ For The Train” achieved a ranking of third on the Guitar Nine Records International Bestsellers list, largely due to increased interest and sales of the CD in Europe (Guitar Nine Records is the North Carolina label from which "Waitin' For The Train"  was distributed.  Note: second on the bestsellers list was British legend Jeff Beck, and forth was American guitar icon and Grammy winner Eric Johnson; two very established and respected guitarists).

He lives on a farm in Ontario, Canada with his wife Elena, their Golden Retriever “Angel”, two cats “Ted” and “T.J.”, horses “Chas” and “Garnet”, and two Fallow Deer “Daisy” and “Fireball”.

There is much Love.


Finding Peace in Life and Death - Acknowledgements

Thanks to my wonderful wife Elena for her love and acceptance, as well as the sketches: “Essence Reflection”, “Don’t put the Cart before the Horse”, “Eye”, “Development of Love and Compassion”, “The Flower of Life” and “Square peg in a round hole”.

Thanks to Estela Molina Spiritual Medium and Psychic for the sketches: “Doors to the Akashic Records”, “Fairies in the Forest”, “Council Elders” and “Soul Family”.  Also, thanks Estela for co-writing the Understanding Death pamphlet with me; hopefully we can help bring death out of the closet, so it’s not so terrifying for us all to face when we get there.  (Understanding Death is a free pamphlet available at .  Please pass it on to anyone for whom it may alleviate the fear of death.)


This whole journey started with a lady who came into my bookstore in 2007 and asked for a book on dealing with death.  I showed her several books on bereavement before she confided in me it wasn’t to deal with the death of a loved one; she had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, she was scared and didn’t know what to expect.  I felt helpless; I didn’t have anything to offer that would help her.

I know this book is too late to ease her fear of death, but now at least I know that she made it home; and as much as I wish I could have been more help to her at the time, I realized maybe I could still help others relieve some of the stress, so it’s not such a lonely path.

Sorry sweetheart, I wish I could have given you a big hug then, but I wasn’t on that level yet.

Thanks for pushing me forward!  And Welcome Home!



Thanks to:

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Also thank you to the following for your inspiration and many quotes:


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