Finding Peace in Life and Death

About the Author

Patrick Baxter's education and background is in Medical Science; he is a former College Teacher of Medical Laboratory Science.

His first book was a guitar instruction manual.  Before his Medical Laboratory Science days, he graduated with honours from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and having logged countless studio and live performance hours, he offered insights into how to achieve Rock and Roll guitar mastery.

He never published his second book, a bachelor cook book called Eating Over the Sink.  At the time he had spent many years living alone and developing a knack for cooking for one (before meeting and marrying his wonderful wife Elena) and he thought this book might be helpful to others in a similar “solo” situation – it turned out to be more silly than serious.  He still cooks many of his old creations, only now he feels blessed to have adapted them for two.

His third book was a fictional novel called Killian; he was about half finished writing Killian when 9-11 happened.  After September 11th 2001 writing a fictional novel did not really seem important anymore.  He started to study philosophy to try and figure out why things happen in life; philosophy led to spirituality, and spirituality led back to a different philosophy.  The novel remains (handwritten) on a dusty shelf in his house, unseen in years.  Not a word has been added since September 10, 2001.

His next project, a 60 page philosophy paper entitled The Role of Reality in Life and the Pursuit of Happiness – A Synopsis of Reality Versus the Human Mind was eventually incorporated into his fourth book Finding Peace in Life and Death which was the culmination of the philosophy and spirituality that he discovered in the years following 9-11.  His hope was to present a guide to clarify philosophical, spiritual and scientific perspectives for those who sometimes struggle to understand the meaning of life and the fate of our existence.

His fifth book, The Suicide Notes is intended to provide perspective and forward momentum, not only to those who may be suicidal at times, but for anyone who seeks to enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilled life.  It also equips those who were left behind by someone they love who committed suicide, with a way to move forward and re-establish their own wellbeing and peace.

The Suicide Notes explores our connection to each other, along with our connection to the UniverseGod – the Source – whatever name we put on the energy which exists in us, around us, and in all things, everywhere.